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Andrés Schipani
La Paz

Los casi 30.000 afro-bolivianos están de fiesta tras haber coronado a su primer Collapse )
From The Miami Herald

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Hove Black History Website
Are African Women Beautiful? an article by Jane Musoke-Nteyafas in Bahiyah Magazine.
Noel Jones was quoted in the a 2004 article published in the Jamaican Gleaner as telling the people of Jamaica not to bow to gay pressure. Among other thingsCollapse )

Blogger Jasmyne Cannick asks Is Noel Jones Gay?

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God's Entourage.

According to this, the read-through audio project The Bible Experience is a labor of love for the many celebrities who have participated in creating it. This has Blair Underwood as Jesus, Samuel L. Jackson as God, Angela Bassett as Esther, Denzel Washington as Solomon, Cuba Gooding Jr. as Judas and many other actors lending their voices and talents to this project.

This USA Today article has an audio link to it.
CaribbeanTales! is interactive, audio-visual meeting and recording place, created as a space for Caribbeans to share stories on the internet as a 'living popular history'. It's new and in the making of itself.
Gurtong Peace Trust

This organization seeks to serve the Sudanese Diaspora.
I found a study that looks at perceptions of beauty in black women in African and African-American women. It attempts to analyze how perceptions of beauty are influenced by stereotypes and personal ideologies of what constitute beauty and womanhood in African-American, Nigerian, and Ethiopian cultures.

How well do you think this study accomplishes its aims? How could this study be improved or refined?

Found at here.
(Found at http://i-iman.com)

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Originally printed in SCENE magazine.Collapse )